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“Peace of mind at Val de Vie Evergreen is grounded in a unique partnership for life strategy”

Peace of mind at Val de Vie Evergreen is grounded in a unique partnership for life strategy, built on the various pillars that align the interests of the business with those of village residents. As mentioned above, these include financial security, physical security, active ageing and managed health, along with a vibrant residential community, all set in an idyllic village environment.

Val de Vie Evergreen has adopted the internationally popular Life Right model as the mechanism that allows for the alignment of the interests of the business with those of village residents.

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Freedom of the Valley

In Val de Vie Evergreen’s life right scheme, residents enjoy the very same benefits and privileges as if the home was purchased by freehold or sectional title; the only difference however, is that Val de Vie Evergreen remains the ultimate owner of the property and therefore carries the responsibility of on-going upkeep in perpetuity. This removes the burden of village and home maintenance and management from the resident.

Security of tenure for life

Life rights are protected by an act of parliament, and confer the right of occupation for the remainder of your life and that of your spouse, via endorsement on the title deed of the housing interest.

Professional Management

Because Val de Vie Evergreen is in the retirement business and continues to own the physical asset, it is in Val de Vie Evergreen’s own best interests to ensure continued input and to be fully concerned and involved with every aspect of village life: from building and garden maintenance, effective security systems and healthcare solutions, to ensuring optimal operational cost efficiency and the quality of services that contribute to overall resident satisfaction.

The market value of the development is greatly affected by positive feedback from existing residents. As is the case with any good partnership, what is good for the life right holder is also good for the developer and vice versa. It is this commitment to excellence that will keep Val de Vie Evergreen in pristine condition and operating efficiently.

Transparent costs and levies

Val de Vie Evergreen understands that ongoing maintenance and cost management is the business’ responsibility and will therefore ensure that quality, efficiency and affordability measures are included in the development, resulting in its cost competitiveness and effectiveness over the long term. In addition, there are no unexpected special levies imposed.

Transparency in terms of operating costs is built into life right’s legislation, providing residents with a clear view of what can be expected, and the ability to plan for future levies accordingly. Allied to this, levy economics are excellent due to the size and scale of the estate. For the normal costs of living in a retirement village, people can now afford to live at Val de Vie!

Val de Vie Evergreen provides a statement of the basis upon which any levy payable by the purchaser is to be calculated, and an estimate two years in advance, of the amount of the levy. In other words, the retiree will enjoy the advantages of being able to plan ahead, based on predictable costs, thanks to levy transparency.


Independence and self-governance are basic human needs that come into sharper focus as people get older. Buying into a reputable retirement scheme with a sound governing structure affords autonomy and independence. Val de Vie Evergreen will manage the village finances and keep the levy inflation in check. Residents enjoy the benefits of ownership without the hassles of management and maintenance and can give input via a residents’ committee.

Peace of mind

This is the ultimate objective of every retiree and it is residents’ peace of mind that will be ensured when they decide to retire at Val de Vie Evergreen.

In summary, here are the most important elements that contribute to this peace of mind:

  • Physical Security: Managed by the Estate and developer who want to ensure that the property and residents are safe at all times.
  • Financial Security: This is achieved via flexible purchase options which may allow purchasers to liberate some capital from the sale of the family home as well as having predictable and transparent levies. Financial peace of mind is also a consequence of knowing that the scheme is backed by a financially secure developer.
  • Healthcare Security: On-site healthcare facilities are available plus a 24-hour medical emergency device placed in every unit, where help can be summoned at the touch of a button.
  • Social Interaction: Living in close proximity to people with similar needs and interests builds a caring and supportive community.

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