Evergreen Management

What arrangement will be in place for the management of Evergreen Villages?

While Evergreen outsources healthcare to specialist healthcare service providers, it carries the responsibility for the operations, estate and financial management of its villages. By doing so, Evergreen protects its brand and reputation and ensures that residents enjoy the benefits of a professionally managed village. Our experienced operations management team works hand-in-hand with our appointed healthcare provider to provide a continuous healthcare experience that upholds our philosophy of active aging.

Who is the Evergreen Village Manager and what does he/she do?

The Evergreen Village Manager is employed by Evergreen to manage the running of the day-to-day affairs of the Evergreen village. The manager’s job is to ensure that daily needs are met and to act as a liaison between the Evergreen village and various third parties, service providers and partners.

Is there a Resident's Committee that provides input into the running of the village?

Yes. In each village, a committee comprised of elected residents provides valuable feedback on concerns, needs and requirements.

Evergreen Healthcare

Does each home have an effective emergency call system?

Yes. All homes will be linked to the Care Centre and an emergency medical response service will also be available. The cost of this response service is included as part of the levy.

If my spouse or I suffer from a diminished ability disease will I still be able to purchase at Evergreen villages?

Yes, but you will be required to submit a medical report to determine whether the services offered at Evergreen will cater for your particular needs.

Will rooms be available for medical practitioners?

Yes. A room will be available for visiting doctors, physiotherapists, podiatrists and occupational therapists.

Evergreen Financial

Can homes be rented out?

Yes, provided tenants are over 60 years old. The seller will provide a rental service to owners and all tenants. In addition, tenures of rentals are required to be approved by Evergreen management. In the event of the death of the life right holder, the lease with the tenant will automatically terminate.

Under what circumstances will deposits be refunded?

If any suspensive conditions in the purchase contract are not fulfilled, the deposit, with interest, will be refunded.

Can a family member purchase a unit on behalf of their parents?

Yes, provided that the parents remain the occupiers of the home. If the parents pass away, the home must be sold and the proceeds will be paid out to the family member. The proceeds do not form part of the parents’ estate.

Am I responsible for paying the water and electricity accounts?

Electricity and water consumed within all homes will be separately metered for the resident’s account.

What insurance cover do I need to arrange?

Evergreen will insure all buildings based on an independent valuation. The cost of this insurance is included in the levy. It is each resident’s responsibility to insure their house contents and personal effects.

Evergreen Levies

What levies are payable and what do they include?

Levies are calculated according to a basic care package; additional specialised packages are available on request. Comprehensive details are included in the sales pack.

What guarantees are there that levies will not be included dramatically in future years?

Levies will be disclosed in terms of the Housing Development Scheme for Retired Persons Act No. 65 of 1988 and the levy for the first two years will be published in the Sales Agreement. Thereafter levies may increase in terms of a formula linked to inflation. Further details are included in the Sales Pack.

Evergreen Accommodation

Is there a show house?

Please speak to our sales consultants regarding the completion of show houses and to view these.

Will I be permitted to install air conditioners?

The installation of air conditioners will be permitted subject to approval by Evergreen management.

What customised finishes can I choose for the home?

There are several interior colour themes to choose from. You will be able to choose a colour theme for your home incorporating interior paint colours, tile and carpet colours. In most cases, samples are available to view.

Evergreen Grounds, Gardens & Maintenance

Who will be responsible for the maintenance of the interior and the exterior of homes?

Exterior maintenance is the responsibility of Evergreen. The resident is responsible for interior maintenance.

Will I be able to fence my garden area?

Where possible fences may be erected on the perimeter of homes, in keeping with the style of fencing of the village. This is subject to the approval of the Evergreen Village Manager.

Will I be required to use the plants in the approved planting palette?

While there is no restriction on the type of planting for individual gardens, residents will be encouraged to use the plants as recommended in the planting palette.

What landscaping plans have been prepared for the Evergreen Village?

The developer’s landscape designers compile comprehensive landscaping plans. All street frontages and common areas will be landscaped and maintained by Evergreen management in accordance with an approved planting palette.

Evergreen Facilities & Services

What social activities will be provided?

Venues for the following social activities will be provided in the Lifestyle Centre and hobby workshop areas. Activities are tailored to suit residents but typically include: arts and crafts classes, bridge club, chess club, embroidery classes, sewing classes, pool and bridge tables, music appreciation, bingo evenings and social evenings.

Are laundry facilities available?

There is a laundry service available on request.

How will I get my post?

A centralised facility will be provided for the convenience of residents.

Will there be a newspaper delivery service?

Yes. Newspapers can be collected from reception.

Are there washing facilities available for motor vehicles?

Yes. The Evergreen Village Manager will organize these for you.

Will meal and housekeeping services be available at the Evergreen Lifestyle Centre?

Yes, both services will be available. Residents may enjoy delicious and affordable meals in the dining room or bistro. A housekeeping service will be available on request.

Evergreen General

Will friends or grandchildren be permitted to stay with me at the Evergreen village?

Friends and grandchildren may stay over on a short-term basis. Stays longer than one month will require the permission of Evergreen management.

May I work from or conduct a business in my home?

You may work or conduct a business from your home provided this does not interfere with other residents’ lifestyles and does not contravene Council by-laws. Prior approval will need to be obtained from Evergreen management.

Will my daily char or nurse be permitted to work for me?

Daily chars and nurses may be employed by residents and will be registered with the Evergreen office.

Are pets permitted?

You are permitted to bring your pet with you to Evergreen, provided that your home can cater for your pet. Please obtain prior permission from Evergreen management in this respect.

What are the regulations regarding smoking?

No smoking will be permitted in common facilities. Smoking in homes is a personal choice.

Will the Evergreen Village be wheelchair friendly?

The development will be accessible to wheelchairs; lifts and ramps will be provided where appropriate. In addition, bathrooms, will be able to accommodate wheelchairs and can be fitted with fixtures to assist persons with disabilities.

What are the Val de Vie HOA office hours and where are they situated?

The Yard, Val de Vie Estate
Office Hours:
Monday to Friday 08.00 – 17.00
Closed on weekends and public holidays.

When are Levy payments due and how does the extra levy affect me?

1st of the month in advance. When you buy a plot in the extra levy phase you have a 4 month grace period from date of transfer to do your planning and to start building before the extra levy is applicable. When building starts you then have an additional 11 month period to complete the project in which the extra levy will again not be applicable.

How do I update my personal information with the HOA?

Please update all information on your profile on the Val de Vie Community Portal, valdevie.communityportal.co.za. If you have any queries, please email us on hoa@valdevie.co.za.

How and when can I do my security gate enrollment?

– New HOA Members:

Gate enrolment can only be done after the deed of transfer, in office hours and at the HOA reception, proof of identification is required.

– New Tenants:

Enrolment can only be done on completion of tenant enrolment form, available at HOA reception. Copies of identification documents and rental agreements must accompany completed forms.

– Workers:

All resident employees need to be enrolled, with necessary identification documents. Valid work permits are mandatory for foreign workers.

How and when can I obtain a remote for the inner lane booms/river frontage gates?

Remotes are only available to residents at R300 per remote. Land owners that are in the planning phase may request the building control office to motivate an application for a remote. Remotes can be ordered and paid for at the HOA reception.

How and when do I obtain my Post Box Key?

The post box key can only be obtained after the deed of transfer, during office hours at the HOA reception.

What is my Val de Vie postal address?

Name and Surname…….. (your SG number) Val de Vie Estate, Paarl, Kliprug Minor Road, 7646

How often is postage sorted?

Postage is retrieved from town and sorted daily. You will receive a notification slip in your box for parcels that are too big for the box. These letters/parcels need to be signed for and collected during office hours at the HOA reception.

How do I apply for a dustbin?

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to apply for a dustbin once Drakenstein occupation is issued, use SG number as reference and phone Drakenstein Municipality at 021 807 4715.

When is refuse removal?

Our refuse removal is done weekly by Drakenstein Municipality. We form part of their ‘purple zone’. For collection days, please refer to their schedule at www.drakenstein.gov.za

Does Val de Vie Estate provide for recycling?

The Estate is part of the municipal door-to-door recycling service. Each week on the same day as your refuse removal, your recyclable material will be collected. All you need to do is get your ‘dry’ recyclable waste into the free clear bag you are provided with. Then place it next to or on top of your refuse bin ready for collection. Homeowners can also make use of the paper and glass banks at the Maintenance Centre.

How many pets are allowed?

Three animals per unit are allowed, limited to two of a kind, i.e., two dogs and one cat or two cats and one dog. Only domestic animals posing no danger, noise or odours may be kept. All domestic animals shall at all times bear a tag which shall reflect the name, telephone number and SG number of their homeowner.

Do I have access to the Picnic Areas and across to River Frontage?

Yes, the HOA Picnic area is located on the banks of the Berg River on the Northern side of the Estate.

Access to the River Frontage and Picnic Area is controlled and only possible to residents via pre-programmed remote controls (same remote as for inner lane booms). Access is only possible via 3 gates – Southern Gate, Gate at Picnic Area and Northern Gate. Access is limited to non-motorised transport during day-light hours only

What fish have been established in the dams and is fishing allowed?

Grass Carp, Kurper and Bass have been stocked in our dams and fishing is only allowed on a catch-and-release base. Please respect these resources.

Evergreen Security

What security measures will be provided?

A boundary wall/palisade fence, topped with electric fencing will be constructed around the perimeter of the development. Access to the village by residents and visitors is via a single access-control point manned 24-hours a day. In addition, there will be 24-hour security patrols, CCTV cameras and emergency buttons in every home.

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